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'Adventurer' Boots. Made by Wested



Introducing the Wested Leather hand finished 'Adventurer' Boots

Custom made to Wested Leathers specification these boots are built to compliment the film costumes we have on offer at an affordable price.
Made from high quality chrome tanned hides with 'Sure grip - Oil Resistant ' bonded rubber soles  they are 'hand finished' to perfection.
The four eyelet and four hook eyelet system further enhances flexibility and comfort.
Available from stock in Sizes UK 7 -11 
Every boot has its own sleeve and has the Wested Logo printed inside.
They come paired packed in a Wested Presentation Box together with round and optional flat laces included as a special extra.
We think they are the finest value on the market.
Initially the boots are in chestnut. but we may add tan at a later date.


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Jan V from Sweden   5 Stars
Excellent pair of boots, very close to the real deal, though a little bit ligther weight and thicker leather on the Wested's. One third of the price so you can use these boots more often, comfort is good and it is a robust pair of shoes. Started to wear them as work boots also, stylish and "Indy" at work the last few days :D. Very well done and thanks to the pro's at Wested. Regards J.

Reviewer: Rick Occonnell from United Kingdom   5 Stars
I bought these very recently, i had no idea Wested did an Indy boot, although ive been wondering why that was. About time too i say. These are not totally screen accurate, but i feel Wested certainly made an effort and put a lot of thought into making this boot and have the essence and feel and aura of an indy boot. Its got the soul of Indy running through them if not the two tone heel. But they do run large, i feel they could have made a UK 6 because of it. It is at a reasonable price. Aldens are so expensive that if i bought them, i would feel so guilty it would take away the enjoyment of wearing them, as i would be feeling so bad i spent so much money on them. You can purchase these without the guilt so you can get the enjoyment. I dont know what a goodyear welt is but i hear these have it so are more durable. That is great and so welcomed as i bought another indy lookalikey boot from Coyles who no longer do it and the heel was wearing away after 3 wears. And this is waterproof i hear although ive not been in rain yet. But waterproof or resistance at least is important also. I think i would buy another Wested pair for many reasons. Be it my pair get worn out, or Wested slightly tweak the design to make even more authentic looking, or they bring the tan colour out or maybe just for the simple reason they are sensibly priced and i want two pairs to rotate in my collection. Thanks for reading.

Reviewer: Ian from Lewes, East sussex   5 Stars
Bought these boot in December and I have to say I have paid triple the price for boots of this quality. Worn in rain and snow and totally water proof and no marks on them . Buy these boots now at this price they are a steal.

Reviewer: Evy Remembers from London   5 Stars
I was desperate for a pair of Indiana Jones boots but they were too expensive. So i was so very happy when Wested bought this one out. It is more sensibly priced than the Aldens. You can get Indy like boots from many companies who have their own take on it. But to get it from a name like Wested which is kind of synonomous with Indy i feel you cant go far wrong sticking to this company. I usually dont spend much more than £100 sterling on boots or footwear in general, so it isnt small change to me. But i think this boot is priced fairly and worth it. It looks pretty screen accurate, and looks nice in general as a casual everyday boot. Wested are thinking of bringing a tan pair out one day. Well i think i may just get that as well. Its reasonably priced so i think i can get away with it. Thank you Wested.

Reviewer: Wes from Oregon, USA   5 Stars
These boots are incredible. A small fraction of the cost of Alden 405's, and WAY more comfortable. Top quality leather(expect nothing less from Wested), a rugged rubber sole, great stitching, and a great color. A person would be hard pressed to find a more screen accurate boot, especially at this price. Thinking about ordering a second pair, I love them so much. Be warned, they run a little large. I wear a size US 10 mens, and I got size 9.5 in these boots. They fit perfectly. If you're a stickler for a good pair of Indy boots and have been on the fence about buying a pair of these, don't wait any longer. Pick up a pair today! For a detailed review of the boots, watch my Youtube video here:

Reviewer: Richard from Shropshire, England   5 Stars
"Indy boots available in the UK and for £110.00?? Naa they can't be all that good for that price..." that was my first thought when seeing them advertised. 24 hours later, there on my feet, and WOW was I wrong!! Totally blown away with the quality of these boots! I wasn't expecting anything as good as this. Good solid everyday boot, that can take a pummelling, and will last for many adventures to come. Well done Wested for another amazing product. Now to start breaking them in...

Reviewer: Scott from Houston, Texas   5 Stars
Wow, I was blown away by these boots. Last year, I bought the "Indy" boots from the other company that made them for Harrison Ford. I paid more than three times as much for them and I would have to say that the quality is close to par with these boots. While I like my other boots well enough, I have been reluctant to "adventure" around with them because they were so expensive. When I saw these boots at Wested, and saw their low price, I had to order them based on my previous great experiences buying leather jackets from Wested. I couldn't be more pleased. I'm amazed that I can buy these high quality boots for so little and have them shipped to me in Texas within two days. These boots are of superb quality and are at a price point at which I can feel free to "adventure" in them without worrying about scuffing them up. They seem like they are built to last a long time and I'm sure scuffing them up will only give them character. If you are at all in doubt, just do yourself a favor and buy these boots! On a side note, I visited the Wested folks when I was on a trip to London last year. They are very nice and it is a very enjoyable ride in the countryside to visit their wonderful little store. It was great to be able to try things on in person and to get their expert advice. I highly recommend the trip if you are in the London area.

Reviewer: Evert Joosse from Uithoorn, the Netherlands   5 Stars
These boots are amazing. They are a great fit and an amazing product at this price. I originally bought them for my Indiana Jones costume, but I found that I am wearing them almost every day. Here's hoping Wested will also make a pair in the Last Crusade color, because I would jump at the chance to get them.

Reviewer: Paul from England   5 Stars
These boots are just fantastic, true to size fit, very comfortable, well made and superb quality. I would definitely recommend these boots and for the price, you can't go wrong.

Reviewer: Pierre from Switzerland   5 Stars
Outstanding, astonishing quality! It's a superb and comfortable boot, far more than a simple facsimile, a really first class shoe. Bravo, Wested!

Reviewer: Adam from Surrey, England   5 Stars
These boots are fantastic, they capture the look of the boots worn by our favourite hero brilliantly. Also these boots have the construction and quality that you would usually pay 3 times the price for, the leather used is this and stong yet supple, the hardware used is top notch and then there is the sole. These boots have a Goodyear welted sole! For this price! Plus the rubber sole provide great traction, even on wet surfaces. On top of all of that the boots come with two sets of laces, one round and one flat and each individual boot comes in its own protective bag within the sturdy shoe box. I highly recommend these boots.

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