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Authentic "Indiana Jones" Raiders of Lost Ark Leather Jacket in Pre-distressed Hide (STANDARD STOCK SIZE)

Authentic "Indiana Jones" Raiders of Lost Ark Leather Jacket in Pre-distressed Hide (STANDARD STOCK SIZE)
Authentic "Indiana Jones" Raiders of Lost Ark Leather Jacket in Pre-distressed Hide (STANDARD STOCK SIZE) Authentic "Indiana Jones" Raiders of Lost Ark Leather Jacket in Pre-distressed Hide (STANDARD STOCK SIZE) Authentic "Indiana Jones" Raiders of Lost Ark Leather Jacket in Pre-distressed Hide (STANDARD STOCK SIZE) Authentic "Indiana Jones" Raiders of Lost Ark Leather Jacket in Pre-distressed Hide (STANDARD STOCK SIZE)
Wested Leather Co


If you love Indiana Jones you’ve come to the right place, you’ve just stumbled onto the Raiders of the Lost Ark jacket by Wested Leather Co – the ORIGINAL makers for the film! This particular jacket is in Pre-distressed, this is a cowhide and the thickest and heaviest skin of all the standard Indy jackets. It has a distressed look already in the skin and it is incredibly durable but still easy to wear. The skin starts off slightly stiff but within a couple of weeks it would have moulded to you and be much softer to wear.

The jacket isn't just for the Indy fan in you, it's a great leather jacket for those rare few of you that don't love the film! It's easy to wear, durable and will very easily become your go to jacket when you leave the house. The action pleats make it easy for any shape and size to and the general fit isn't too tailored but it isn't too baggy either, all in all it's our best-seller and for good reason.

This is the street-wise fit for a smarter, more tailored fit but if you’re after the screen-accurate jacket take a look at our Hero, it may be screen-accurate but remember it was meant to fit Harrison Ford!

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Tom H. from Arizona from    5 Stars
I am writing to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with my "Indiana Jones" Raiders of Lost Ark Leather Jacket in Pre-distressed Hide (STANDARD STOCK SIZE). It arrived just five business days after I placed the order. Immediately upon removing it from the packaging I was impressed with its weightiness and finish. It is much more substantial than what I was expecting. I put it on, and the fit was perfect in every way. It not only looks great but feels great too. I could not be happier with it. BTW, I am also very happy with the IJ belt. It is certainly made to last, and looks good too.

Reviewer: Jasper from Ontario, Canada   5 Stars
Beautiful jacket and very comfortable. I highly suggest spending the little extra for this compared to other replica jackets. This is the nicest jacket I've ever had.

Reviewer: B kirby from Florida   5 Stars
Just got my jacket today fast delivery . Only took five days to U S A awsome. I am dying of cancer and have wanted this jacket for a long time. Hope I make it one more year to enjoy it. Wested leather are real craftsman. I will for sure have a great piece to pass on. Thanks every one.

Reviewer: Johnny G from NYC   5 Stars
Quite simply, WESTED is the best of the best. I've gotten 3 jackets from them over the years. Craftsmanship is top of the pops and the staff if absolutely fantastic. Even as a fan of the company I miss the great Peter Boatwright, founder. Thanks all for wonderful bespoke jackets! Cheers then!!

Reviewer: John Sudjana from Brisbane, AUSTRALIA   5 Stars
Raiders is my 2nd Wested Leather Jacket. Mine is Pre-Distressed Lambskin. Although i bought this one on Clearance, which was tailor-made for someone else, it fits me very well. The leather looks so beautiful, and is butter soft and light. I love this jacket as much as my 1st Blouson jacket! Wested is definitely an outstanding maker,and the price is a lot cheaper than the U.S.made for a comparable quality.

Reviewer: Matthew Anderson from Denver   5 Stars
There was a pang of disappointment when I saw the size of the box. It arrived licketty-split, but the box was... small! A 46 distressed Raiders jacket, an XL shirt and a gas mask bag in a box that small? Well, as it turns out, the folks at Wested have not only mastered the art of leather, they've harnessed Tardis-like packing capabilities. I spent a few intoxicating moments sniffing the fresh leather before slipping on the jacket. Giddy. As. A. Schoolboy. So comfy. Fantastic quality. I might even have to add a lambskin edition now. Cheers, Wested!

Reviewer: Ron Langman from Staten Island, New York.   5 Stars
Absolutely love this jacket and absolutely love Wested. I have the Casino Royale jacket, the Skyfall jacket and I'm waiting for the Spectre London and Morocco to arrive. Now I have the Raiders jacket. I will only buy leather jackets from Wested and nowhere else....simply the best!

Reviewer: Brandon from Colorado, USA   5 Stars
This Jacket is amazing! The quality of it his well worth the price. My jacet as become almost an every day jacket. I love the way it fits. Wested Leathers you guys are spot on. I brag about my Indi jacket and fedora & my girlfriend is liking the look. Thank you you guys Rock!

Reviewer: Jay from United State   5 Stars
Good for riding. Measure a 46" chest, ordered a 46" chest, fits like a glove. Thick skin and the best part was I ordered on Monday and had it in the states by Friday

Reviewer: Charlotte from Surrey (England)   5 Stars
Ordered one for my other half, I was completely confused and the customer service helped me so much. It was a surprise so I stole some of his clothes and they helped me figure out the right sizing. It came the next day and fits perfectly! He's very happy, now I'm just waiting for mine!

Reviewer: Wade from Raiders of the Lost Ark!!! (Well, feeling it)   5 Stars
I am a big leather jacket fan. I always have been but I'm not exactly local to Wested and I have never been comfortable with buying online, to go the extra mile and not only order online but order abroad was quite a big deal. The staff were very honest when I was quizzing them with 5,000 questions, they told me their was most likely going to be import charges on my item, they told me the most popular skins and described them but most important they reassured me. They did not push me to buy the jacket, they answered my questions like a human being, not a pushy salesman, when I went through the order I did feel confident. A week later I have my jacket and in all my collection (I do have a few) it's by far the best, I've even sold two Indy jackets from other vendors so I can get the WESTED Hero and the Crusade in my collection! It's by far the best service and the best jacket I own and I will recommend you to everyone.

Reviewer: K from    5 Stars
Made the silly mistake of taking the forums advise on sizing and following the pit to pit measurements I spoke to someone at Wested and they warned me otherwise but I decided to stick with the forums - worst mistake ever Wested really saved me and with a quick exchange they got me the right jacket with great sizing. Next time I'm going DIRECTLY to Wested instead of going online and researching. Staff were great and the final product was great. Just here to warn people to listen to wested not the forums!

Reviewer: Joachim and Patricia from Stockholm Sweden   5 Stars
Excellent service, fast delivery. We never felt uncomfortable in our order, received information on how, where and when our order was processed. My wife and I are incredibly happy with our jackets, they have super quality. The jackets are the best we ever had, we will order more in the future. Thankyou Wested Leather.