CUSTOM MADE Raiders of the Lost Ark Jacket

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CUSTOM MADE Raiders of the Lost Ark Jacket

Here is where you can get creative with your Indy jacket, from sizing to skin to special requests. You get a choice of over 10 amazing skins which are updated constantly with new offerings. Each jacket is handcrafted within our Kent or London factory and made exactly to your order.

This particular jacket is the Raiders, it has a medium sized collar, no studs which makes the storm flap different from the Crusade and it is considered the easiest fit of all the collection. The standard specifications for the custom made are one leather bound inside pocket, leather facing supporting the zip, two-way hand warmer pockets, action pleats and side vents - the rest is left down to your personal choice.

We ask you to carefully go over your measurements before placing an order, once the order is placed it's rare we are able to change your measurements - there's a link below with a measurement guide (under helpful links).
Break down of the options available

Side Straps There's a choice of D-rings on the side straps (shaped like a D) or buckles (just your regular buckles), they are both good choices, neither one is better than the other. You can have an 'X-box stitch' this is just an X stitch that goes into the box that attached the side strap to the jacket.

Extra Inside Pocket You already get one plain piped inside pocket, if you select "Yes" to this option you'll get another pocket, they are positioned on both sides of the chest.

Gussets These are a small triangle shaped material that go underneath the armpit of the jacket, it would not be seen unless you raised you arms, it is to help arm movement and can be popular with bikers for this reason.



• Two way "hand-warmers" pockets • One leather bound inside pocket
• Side vents with adjustable side straps
• Certificate of Authenticity provided
• Inside Authenticity label
• Classic, tailored fit
• Made in England!
• Original maker, original jacket
• Comfy street-wise fit

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Jacob Phelps - California, U.S.

Great product, great price

Let's start off with it is perfect, I got it with the pre-distressed lambskin and I couldn't be happier. That fact that I got to choose the type of leather I wanted and have it tailored to my measurements all for under 400 USD is astonishing to me, especially when there's companies charging closer to 1000 USD for products similar in quality and/or style to this. The jacket fits great and just feels quality when I put it on. So if you are in the market for an Indy jacket, or just a jacket that has a casual style, look no further cause you aren't going to find any better this kind of price. They got this jacket to me in 9 days, which was amazing to me. The lambskin I got is very supple and has a beautiful look to it, exactly what I was looking for. On a different note, Wested's customer service was great, this was my first experience with buying a leather jacket, so I was particularly nervous about getting one online and not trying it on first, every question I had, they answered in a timely manner, and when I asked to add my shoulder measurements they got back to me right away with a conformation that they would add them for me. This has been a spectacular experience for me and I am very eager to do further business with Wested and I would fully recommend this jacket and company to anyone, so go ahead, pull the trigger and get yourself, or a loved one, a Wested jacket.

Nico Hansen - Finland

Price/Quality Ratio

So where to start...

I have for a long time been looking for an Indiana Jones leather jacket, since it is a cool memorabilia as well as a great design for an everyday jacket.

1: So after searching I found one on Ebay, that looked good, seller based in US - Quality of material and production was very low, and it was made and send from Pakistan. Admittedly the jacket was very cheap, mind you this was my first foray into buying a leather jacket, so I was not aware of pricing.

2: One day a couple of years later I had come to understand leather better, and wanted a "made in USA" leather jacket, I came across USWINGS, and here they had an Indie jacket on sale for 399$, normal price approximately 800$. I would never pay 800$ for a jacket from so far away since I can't try it. However the sale price was acceptable, when it finally arrived, it fit as a size medium, and was quite long, despite being a size small(smallest size(I'm just 5'9)). The quality and craftsmanship was great, it was still a good fit, especially if I wanted sweaters or layers.

3: Within the same week of the USW arrival, I still had that urge! since as nice of a jacket it was, it wasn't really "that" Indie jacket that I had been wanting. I found several made around different places for very high prices, but having just been burnt I simply noted websites.

Finally I came across Wested! I can only bite the bullet of regret that I hadn't found it earlier... Not only could I customise the jacket, I the sizings were clear, and customer service was fast, and they were THE guys who designed the original jacket, what could go wrong? Nothing! preparing the jacket was quick, shipping was fast and reliable. I bought it in Novapelle cowhide, and was not disappointed, I'd add that I was even surprised at how soft and supple the material was, the fit was perfect as well, not to mention the overall craftsmanship.

End notes, they know what they are doing at Wested, and it will surely not be my last purchase. They write to use your jacket-size, I can only concur. I am a size 40 in the chest, but use size 38 jacket, which is also what I bought here, and it fit great and there was still room to move.

The prices are simply amazing for the product, having spend a long time looking around at quality leather stores that charge 800-1200 for similar jackets, I can say with certainty that you won't go wrong here.

Mahiron55 - Japan

Great Item!!

I like Indiana jones and have searched his jacket. Wested lether had maked my dream come true. Because I'm tiny asian,I can't wear big jacket. so you maked me custom jacket! It's great quality!

In the context of COVID-19,thank you for making jacket.

Kim Flügel - Copenhagen

Wested did it again...

They met my expectations… and then some! This is my second Wested jacket. My first, a pre-distressed cowhide Raiders, is now 20 years old and still going strong. Never the less I got myself a Raiders dark brown novapelle custom Raiders and it’s absolutely AMAZING. The quality of the leather is fantastic, it feels soft and shapes well when worn, yet it is very strong and durable. The dark brown colour has a slightly cold grey under tone that looks amazing. The craftsmanship goes without saying, Wested always delivers the absolute best quality.