Grinders Shoes & Boots

Wested Leather... selling shoes? 
We know it's not our normal cup of tea but there's a little story behind them...
As a film company we mix with a lot of different people, we're a company of "people persons" and we bumped into someone with a pair of Percival Grinders on. At first glance we thought they must be an Indiana Jones fan with shoes like that! However, a closer look just showed a pair of beautiful shoes, we said our hello's, where did you get your shoes and goodbye's and heading off.

A few weeks later the word Grinders was mentioned again, being supplied to a film we were involved in, what are the chances? It must be a sign! So we've decided to stock them!

The shoes and boots we've picked are mainly for biking (steel toe caps) but we've varied the collection with some smart shoes, cowboy-style boots and the shoes that kicked it off: the Percivals. 
All available to order and will be dispatched once we receive them at our shop.
Available in various sizes, unisex & single sex - please read descriptions!
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Grinders Shoes & Boots