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Last Crusade 'Hero' Jacket - Various Skins

Last Crusade 'Hero' Jacket - Various Skins
Last Crusade 'Hero' Jacket - Various Skins Last Crusade 'Hero' Jacket - Various Skins Last Crusade 'Hero' Jacket - Various Skins Last Crusade 'Hero' Jacket - Various Skins
Back Length
Inside Pocket
Side Straps
Chest Size
Sleeve Length


About the Jacket

This jacket has been created from the very original patterns, unfortunately, as wear and tear goes parts of the pattern have had to be re-created, with the aim to keep it as screen accurate as possible whilst keeping a fair costing. Please remember the film consisted of several jackets and there’s only one Harrison Ford in the world; we can give you a top-notch jacket but we can’t transform you into a dreamy Indy like Ford (though we’re confident some of you don’t need any help!)

The Last Crusade does have large armholes and a slightly dropped shoulder; this is how it is meant to fit so please bare that in mind when ordering. If you want a more tapered fit in the armholes we suggest you email but we have to warn you that it will be stepping away from screen accuracy.  Ford’s jacket was also quite short so we are offering this in custom made only so you can make a decision on your measurements.
Please note the Shrunken Lamb skin is only available up to a size 46' chest due to limited skin size.

We have used the original hardware on the jacket but have decided to give you some custom choices to make the jacket personal to you, so here is what is on offer:


The original was dark brown lining, which we are offering; however, it is not the best fabric to use. We would advise cotton body/satin sleeves for comfort but we leave the choice up to you:

Dark Brown Matte Lining:

Brown Satin Lining:

Brown Cotton Lining:


The original was just a standard pocket, however some do prefer the ‘triangle’ pocket, as this is more leather and work it is chargeable:

Standard pocket:

Triangle pocket:

Side Straps:

This is something that is very ‘up for debate’ when it comes to the original. Some believe the strap was simply glued on – this is NOT something we will do, it is simply not secure and the jacket will rip. We recommend a small rectangle box stitch and D-rings but again, we are giving you the choice:

Small Rectangle Box & D-Ring:

X-Box Stitch & Buckle:


The rest of the specs are standard to the Last Crusade Hero jacket (e.g. collar size and action pleat size). If you want special requests on the jacket you will have to email and it will be an extra charge to step away from the pattern! Before you order make sure you read our return policy and our sizing guide.

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: François Portelance from Quebec Canada   5 Stars
Bought the Hero Last Cruisade jacket for the Montreal Comiccon and it fits me like second skin and the quality is awsome shipping was fast , this is my second jacket from Wested and they are the best.

Reviewer: Dale Dassel from Byron, GA USA   5 Stars
Keep up with the Joneses... in style! The LC Hero novapelle is heavy, rugged, and thick—exactly how an Indiana Jones jacket is *supposed* to feel. Wested has the screen-accurate LC pattern firmly locked. The collar is correctly proportioned, as is the crucially important pocket shape. The flaps are beautifully scalloped, with exactly the right amount of curve and pocket coverage ratio. The thick, buttery soft novapelle has a lovely glow with a gorgeous texture which gives the jacket a truly vintage aesthetic. The substantial weight drapes comfortably, and truly feels like an adventure-worthy garment, ready for ANY crusade!

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