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Raiders of the Lost Ark Jacket

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Wested Leather Co
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Here is where you can get creative with your Indy jacket, from sizing to skin to special requests. You get a choice of over 10 amazing skins which are updated constantly with new offerings. Each jacket is handcrafted within our Kent or London factory and made exactly to your order.

This particular jacket is the Raiders, it has a medium sized collar, no studs which makes the storm flap different from the Crusade and it is considered the easiest fit of all the collection. The standard specifications for the custom made are one leather bound inside pocket, leather facing supporting the zip, two-way handwarmer pockets, action pleats and side vents - the rest is left down to your personal choice.

We ask you to carefully go over your measurements before placing an order, once the order is placed it's rare we are able to change your measurements - there's a link below with a measurement guide (under helpful links). 
Break down of the options available

Side Straps There's a choice of D-rings on the side straps (shaped like a D) or buckles (just your regular buckles), they are both good choices, neither one is better than the other. You can have an 'X-box stitch' this is just an X stitch that goes into the box that attached the side strap to the jacket.

Extra Inside Pocket You already get one plain piped inside pocket, if you select "Yes" to this option you'll get another pocket, they are positioned on both sides of the chest. 

Gussets These are a small triangle shaped material that go underneath the armpit of the jacket, it would not be seen unless you raised you arms, it is to help arm movement and can be popular with bikers for this reason.

Please see the helpful links tab for measurements, leather and general buying information


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Martin Frederiksen from Denmark   5 Stars
Best jacket ever....been looking for a leather jacket for some time now and various searches on the great web brought me to this homepage, and I read the reviews here and other places online, then i spent some time thinking it over "is it safe, will it fit" i tend to not spend too much money on online purchases, you never know when it is your time to encounter a scammer, on the 22nd of November i was done thinking and speculating and went for the custom fit. It arrived yesterday on the 5th of December in a neatly wrapped 3 layer plastic bag, and the heavenly leather smell which greated me when i broke the inner bag, gave me goosebumps. I went straight for the mirror and put the jacket on, it fits like a glowe drapes very nice and feels very solid when it's on. All my initial fears and doubts were put to shame, this jacket is absolutely fantastic and I'm looking forward to wearing it for the years to come. Thank you Wested for delivering such an great product in an (to me) very short time. Best wishes and merry christmas from Denmark.

Reviewer: Jorge Alves do Pinhal from France   5 Stars
Hi ! I've just received my custom Raiders jacket with lots of options : dark brown novapelle hide, size 42, gussets, back 27, sleeves 25.5, extra inside pocket with zip, D-rings with x-box stitch, and all coton lining. It's just a PERFECT jacket for anyone who wants screen accuracy and also an everyday jacket ! Leather is awesome (though not as heavy as I thought), the jacket is comfortable, functional and really has the Indy style ! Moreover, Wested only took 3 days to make and dispatch my jacket !!! I'm used to wear US Perfectos and I'm really happy to have this very nice Indy jacket in order to alternate with my other jackets. Thanks a lot ! Jorge

Reviewer: Mihajlo from The Netherlands - Breda   5 Stars
So one day i decided to look for a leather jacket and i didn't know what to buy so i randomly searched up ''indiana jones jacket'' because this is my most favourite movie trilogy i have ever watched. And suddenly i found this website named: Wested, i had no idea what it was until i clicked on the link and i found the most amazing jackets i have ever seen in my whole life. and not to forgot.. FOR THE BEST PRICE. i first didnt know what jacket to buy, the raiders or last crusade but then i also came to the conclusion that everything was in inches, luckely the customer service was amazing and i found out i needed a 36 inch, so in other words a custom made jacket. i eventually chose the raiders jacket with a 36 inch chest, 25 inch waist and 24 inch backlength, I'm 178 cm's tall and i'm pretty thin and have normal leg sizes. i had to wait a week and 2 days for the jacket to arrive, i was confused and flabbergasted because it was delivered faster then i thought. my first impressions of the jacket: 1. the fresh new smell of an authentic lambskin jacket is like heaven. (if heaven even smells like that, maybe even worse). 2. the quality is really really amazing. i think if you drop this from 10 miles it wont break or shred. :p (that was a joke... But seriously the quality you can easily compare to like gucci etc) 3. i chose for a second inside pocket because i loveeee them, and to have this option is amazing. the pocket sizes are perfect. enough to fit the golden Idol. if you can find it that is... 4. The authentic lambskin has a perfect color and is not too heavy. (for those who are all like buffed up and lift everyday i would suggest the horse hide). Aaaand that was that. I just have to say, amazing experience with wested. The make the best jackets ever. Bye :)

Reviewer: Leo from NJ USA   5 Stars
The jacket was ordered custom with extra pockets and slightly different dimensions. It came precisely as ordered and in less than 2 weeks. Actually, I think the standard dimensions would have been better, So, I suggest order as Wested recommends unless your body is really different from standard. The quality is superb, hard to believe people still can make high quality things in our times of cheap mass production. The Dark Brown Novapelle leather is exactly as described in the guide: it is thick and supple at the same time. Feels very comfortable. This jacket is not very warm, so don't expect it to serve well in the winter time, but it holds very well in strong gusting winds, very cozy. I also had a chance to experience rain in it. It repels water somewhat but not as well as a shiny leather. But it is so think that the leather became wet outside while dry inside. Also, the water drops down from the bottom and pants did not become too wet. So, you can survive 20 min of drizzle in it, but not in heavy thunderstorm. For that I ordered the U-boat jacket, haven't gotten it yet. And the price is very reasonable for what you get.

Reviewer: Jerry D from California US   5 Stars
I picked up my second Wested jacket, this time in the Raiders and authentic brown lambskin for a more sleek look when going out as opposed to more rugged with the distressed hide. Very dark brown and super soft. Quite nice. Hmm, which one next?

Reviewer: Jodi from    5 Stars
I ordered a Raiders of the lost ark jacket. Sorry, no I'm not an Indy fan. I just like the style & cut of the jacket. My jacket is from the custom menu, well worth having a made to measure jacket. I ordered the very tough yet very comfortable horsehide. I opted for the extras : extra inside pocket, arm gusset, buckles with x-box stitch & all cotton lining. The jacket, is beyond my expectations & the horsehide leather is of excellent quality. The build & stitch quality is also pitch perfect. Whoever made my jacket - thank you. The jacket was incredibly well packaged & came with a signed certificate of authenticity, which is a nice touch. My only downside is (at 44 years old) my jacket will outlast me. Wested kept me informed on the progress of my jacket & e-mailed me on its despatch. All in all I'm very very happy & intend to order again once Christmas is over. Thank you Wested & thank you to the maker of my jacket..... Oh, if you find Wested slow in answering your email?? They're making your jacket & are busy. If you want an excellent & I mean excellent leather jacket, Wested is the place to go. I am going back for more - copper novapelle last crusade. Wested, get ready for round two!!!

Reviewer: Tristan from Illinois, USA   5 Stars
This coat is fantastic. I shopped around for well over a month looking for a fall/ spring coat, and after deciding to purchase a leather coat, found myself wading through many bulky, rigid, or just overly technical looking coats. At last, I found Wested, and was drawn to the simplicity of the Raiders jacket. I'm a fan of the Indiana Jones films, but really, I just wanted a nice jacket for everyday wear. This coat fits the bill perfectly. I ordered a custom jacket in goatskin, 36" chest, 24" arms, and 23" back (I'm shorter but have longer arms), and everything turned out exactly as I wanted. I had it lined fully with cotton, and I'm glad that I did as it makes it incredibly comfortable, like a second skin almost. The goatskin material is soft, but feels very sturdy. Overall, I'm very pleased with the quality and style of this jacket, and would certainly purchase from Wested again. I also appreciate their great customer service when I had to change my shipping address (internationally) and it still arrived very quickly. Well done, Wested, and thank you!

Reviewer: Mark from Whitehorse, Yukon   5 Stars
I have never been so happy to revive something in all my life! It took one day to get it to Vancouver BC and then after a hit at Customs it took a full week to move it up north. None of which spoiled the experience. I received my Raiders jacket on Tuesday and I was happier than I thought I would be. It is perfect on so many levels. I am inhaling the fresh leather smell as I type this. Thank you Weted for making such a lovely jacket I am so happy I could swing in from my Indy whip.

Reviewer: Andy from Midlands   5 Stars
Ordered a custom Raiders in Goatskin and only real difference was that I wanted longer sleeves & underarm gussets - I'm tall and have long arms! - as an owner of a Standard size Raiders (in Authentic Lamb) I've always felt the sleeves are a touch short. This jacket arrived well before the due date and I'm happy to say is absolutely fantastic and the measurements and fit is spot on. I've always loved the look of the Indy jacket and I intend for this to be a "go-to" jacket - something I can wear every day, all the time. I requested an extra inch on the sleeves - spot on for me. The Goatskin is light and drapes perfectly but feels slightly heavier than my standard jacket & feels absolutely bombproof. Slightly darker in shade than my Authentic Lamb jacket too. I can highly recommend adding the gussets if you intend to wear this jacket for driving, riding a bike, general every day wear etc.. Overall, I am a very pleased customer. Many thanks Wested!

Reviewer: Drones33 from UK   5 Stars
Wested's custom made jackets are something very special. Their off-the-rail jackets are undeniably excellent in terms of quality, fit and value, but for just that little extra you receive a made to measure jacket that is uniquely yours. I've recently bought a custom Raiders jacket in Authentic Lambskin and it is truly magnificent. I asked for buckles, gussets ( which I would thoroughly recommend by the way ) and, as a special request, the Nickel zip that is usually used on the Hero. The fit is superb, the quality of the lambskin, has to be seen to be appreciated. I can't recommend Wested highly enough. Their products, craftsmanship and customer service is second to none.

Reviewer: Julius from Finland   5 Stars
The quality on this jacket is superb, all the details are as refined as you would expect. I had mine in shrunken lambskin which looks and feels great and the sizing is spot on. A jacket that is very nice and also easy to wear everyday.

Reviewer: Richard from Dark Brown Novapelle   5 Stars
It is hard to fault this jacket. The Novapelle is a thick leather but very soft so instantly comfortable. Having been leapt on by the trusty Spaniel I can also say it is rock solid, no scratches or permanent marks. Construction wise the materials are high quality and look great, stitching is tight and even, fittings top quality and I can say that in the past I have paid several times more in monetary terms for several times less in terms of quality. I have no reason to suspect that I wont be wearing this for years to come and when I do hang up my leather pass it in to someone else. As far as fit is concerned if you get your measurements right (which involves a certain degree of personal honesty for best results !) Wested manufactures bang on. On top of that Wested have been for me a pleasure to deal with which these days is the exception rather than the rule. I am really impressed.

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