Repairs & Alterations

Welcome to our Repairs & Alterations page where we can help with all your leather and cloth desires! 
We have a rough price guide to look through but jobs are each price separately depending on what material and garment you are wanting repaired. Please note we are happy to repair/alter clothing but with certain items such as bags/shoes we may not be able to repair them as we can not get them under our machines! 
To request a price/book a repair please email some pictures of the damage to

Basic Price List:
Main Jacket Zip: From £45 // Double Ended Zip: £60
Biker Jacket Zip (Main): From £65 // Connector Zip: From £60
Leg Zip: From £30 Each
Pocket Zip: From £15 // Pocket Zip with reline pocket: From £25
Fly Zip: From £35 // Sleeve Zip: From £25
Shorten Sleeves: From £25 // Shorten Sleeves with Zips:From £35

Back & Stick (to cover a rip):From £20
Sew on Badge: £10 Small / £15 Large
Re-Stud: £5 per stud
Re-sew Buttons: £5 per button
Small Jobs Minimum Charge: £15

Any other repairs please email the shop on and we will give you a quotation.
Repairs & Alterations