Right Handed Skeet/Shooting Vest in Black Hide with Cotton aspects

Stock Status: In Stock
Stock Status: In Stock

These are our very own shooting vests, other people call them skeet vests and some of us just call them rather long waistcoats. Whatever the name, the function is the same! The item is made from part black cow hide and part cotton, this is a happy balance between cotton comfort and the strength of hide, it makes it great for summer as it's lightweight!

The leather itself is durable with a grain to it, it has a very mild shine. The items have a full lining in them and are specified to your shooters arm; either left or right.
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    Wested Leather Co
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Shaun McKean - New Zealand

I purchased a skeet / shooting vest approx. 4 to 5 years ago in full leather and its a fantastic vest and just as good now as it was when it arrived. Very comfortable and tough and i am constantly being asked where I got it.

Highly recommend this vest to all.