How to Measure Yourself

In this guide we will go over how to measure yourself for a leather jacket from scratch and how to measure from a jacket you own.

This guide will be based off of the Raiders & Crusade jackets but can be used for ANY custom jacket EXCEPT the Hero.

The Rules

When having a jacket made there’s certain rules people often forget to consider, here’s a list of things to remember before going over the guide – PLEASE give them a quick read and do not just skip to the pictures! They are just as important.

Measuring from your person (from scratch)

In general we only ask for three measurements, chest, back and sleeve. In this PDF we will include a shoulder measurement also; shoulder measurements are slightly more difficult. For example, jackets like the Raiders jacket cannot handle a shoulder measurement as small as 5”, it throws the style and the fit off as it is meant to sport slightly bigger shoulders as it does in the film.

Measurement 1: The Chest

Measure your chest with a T-shirt on; we will put enough ‘breathing room’ in the jacket to allow you to fit a light jumper and shirt under the jacket. If you’re planning on wearing seriously heavy layers under the jacket it is worth considering putting them on when measuring to compare the two measurements for a happy medium – you may just want to take the size up from what you measure.

Measure from under your armpit all the way round the circumference of your chest, this will give you your chest size. A standard size Large would be a 44” chest, if you are an “in-between” size for example a 43” chest, we’d advise to go up a size rather than down – although this is YOUR choice.


I often see a measurement called ‘pit to pit’ what is this?

This is a confusing measurement. It’s the measurement of the direct chest of a jacket measured flat. It’s meant to show chest size plus moving/breathing room BUT in the last few years we’ve learnt that it is not an accurate way to measure items. We are removing it from the website and no longer use the measurement.

Measurement 2: The Sleeve

Relax and stand front ways, measure the arm from the top of your shoulder to wear you want your sleeve to sit – some prefer a longer sleeve, some slightly shorter. Try to remember that when you lift your arm the sleeve may rise slightly. So if you’re planning to use the jacket on a bike it may be worth positioning your arm as if you are riding the bike.

Our shortest sleeve length accepted on any jacket is 23”, if your measurement is shorter than this you most likely would not fit in standard sizes, we can accommodate this but it would be non-refundable.


Will the sleeve get longer or shorter in wear?

Usually a jacket in hide bunches up under the armpits after a while so the sleeves become slightly shorter. This is normal for a leather jacket and will most likely only come up ¼” - which people normally don’t notice. We simply recommend wearing the jacket a couple of weeks before taking it to a tailor to shorten.

Measurement 3: The Back

Relax and stand up straight, take the measurement from the nape of your neck to where you want the jacket to end. Some may want their jacket above the belt, some below, those who are ordering a coat may want it to sit above the knee. Take this into consideration before taking your measurement.

A standard size Large (44” chest) would have a back length of 26” in a Raiders jacket. This would be for a person around 6ft. The shortest length we offer is 23”, we are able to make shorter than this but we would ask you to email a member of staff with your measurements and also your height.

If in general you are significantly bigger round the middle and are worried the length will not cover the front of your stomach please take a front measurement, this is exactly the same as the back measurement but on the front of your body. In general we only allow the front of a jacket to be 2” longer than the back. Jackets like this tend to be non-refundable and the person in question would be used to ordering specialist sizes. It is not a common occurrence.


Is your back measurement the same in every jacket?

Each style fits differently even if the measurements are exactly the same. This is why we don’t provide a “standard size” chart.

You must look at the style and judge where the jacket should sit to determine a good back length, if you order and your measurements look wrong we will contact you, so don’t worry.

Measurement 4: The Shoulder

The shoulder is not an essential measurement as it is usually defined by what chest size you chose. Sometimes we will not take your shoulder or we will round it up, for example the Raiders needs a bigger shoulder to give it the Indiana Jones look and style, the smallest shoulder on the jacket is 6”. A layer cake jacket is a tighter fitting jacket; this can take a 5.5” shoulder.

The shoulder is measured from the neck to the top of the shoulder (where you’d imagine your shoulder seam would sit). It’s a very small measurement and is not always used or requested, if you are worried about the jacket sizing or want a tighter fit it’s worth sending it in to us when you order your jacket.


Why can’t you alter the shoulders on any jacket?

Technically we can alter the shoulders on any jacket but on certain jackets it can throw off the style and make the fit uncomfortable or look abnormal so as a general rule we simply make the jacket as small as possible without changing the style ordered.

Measuring from a Jacket

This is still an efficient way of getting the correct measurements for a jacket, we’d advise choosing a jacket that fits well but is not a stretchy fabric – remember leather doesn’t stretch that much, and if it does stretch in wear it will not go back to its original state. Another thing to keep in mind is that every leather jacket is different in style so despite taking the measurements off of a leather jacket it may not end up fitting EXACTLY the same as your jacket.

Measurement 1: The Chest

We are no longer accepting armpit to armpit measurements from a jacket. We would ask you to either take your chest size as above (in the measuring from a person section) or simply use the labelled size inside the jacket.

Measurement 2: The Sleeve

If taking the sleeve from a jacket you own we ask to provide a shoulder measurement in the special requests or via email – this will ensure a better fit! To take the sleeve measurement you need to lay the jacket flat and measure from the shoulder seam to the end of the wrist. Try and look at the size chart of the jacket you want and compare it to your current jacket, if it’s a big difference you may want to consider measuring from your person instead.

Measurement 3: The Shoulder

This is only really important to compare with your sleeve measurement and the size chart of the jacket that you want. To take this measurement, lay the jacket flat; lift the collar so you can clearly see the collar band, measure from the bottom collar band seam to the shoulder seam.

Measurement 4: The Back

To take the back measurement first turn the jacket over so you can see the back – place it flat again. Lift the collar to see the collar band, from the bottom seam of the collar band measure the jacket to the very end. Make sure you have chosen a jacket with a back measurement you like and sits on you where you want the new jacket to sit.

It’s as simple as that

If you take your measurements and think they are wrong please contact so we can take a look. You can provide any extra measurements; these are simply the measurements that we absolutely require to custom make a jacket.

Extra measurements we accept include:



Front Length

Anything else may be charged an extra fee dependent on difficulty.

XS 36
S 38-40
M 40-42
L 44
XL 46
2XL 48
3XL 50
4XL 52
5XL 54
6XL 56
7XL 58

To Fit Bust Size --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
in inches 32 33 35 37 39 41 44