Temple of Doom Jacket in Brown Lambskin Authentic Indiana Jones

Stock Status: In Stock
Stock Status: In Stock

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Temple of Doom Jacket in Brown Lambskin Authentic Indiana Jones
Temple of Doom Jacket in Brown Lambskin Authentic Indiana Jones
Temple of Doom Jacket in Brown Lambskin Authentic Indiana Jones
Temple of Doom Jacket in Brown Lambskin Authentic Indiana Jones
Temple of Doom Jacket in Brown Lambskin Authentic Indiana Jones

This particular jacket is the Temple of Doom jacket.

The jacket is the most tailored of all of them and has very small pockets. it has a wide-teeth nickel zip and nickel nipple studs, the hardware used on this jacket is not used on any of our other Indy jackets. The under panel of the sleeve incorporates gussets. The standard specifications for the custom made are one leather bound inside pocket, two-way handwarmer pockets, action pleats and side vents.

Extra Inside Pocket You already get one plain piped inside pocket, if you select "Yes" to this option you'll get another pocket, they are positioned on both sides of the chest.

Gussets This is not an option on this jacket as it actually has tailored gussets incorporated into the sleeve panel so there's no need for them

Jacket Information.

• Two way "hand-warmers" pockets • One leather bound inside pocket
• Side vents with adjustable side straps
• Certificate of Authenticity provided
• Inside Authenticity label
• Classic, tailored fit
• Made in England!
• Original maker, original jacket
• Comfy street-wise fit


Chest Size Pit 2 Pit Sleeve Length Back Length Shoulder
36" 20" 24" 25.5" 6.5"
38" 21" 24" 26" 6.5"
40" 22" 24.5" 26" 7"
42" 23" 24.5" 26.5" 7"
44" 24" 25" 27" 7"
46" 25" 25" 27" 7.5"
48" 26" 25.5" 27" 7.5"
50" 27" 25.5" 27.5" 7.5"
52" 28" 26" 27.5" 8"
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Charalambos Papoutsis - Toronto, Canada

Gorgeous jacket

I was initially extremely indecisive about my first Indy jacket since all the options were very nice. However, I really liked the look of the Temple of Doom jacket in authentic brown lambskin, so after a few chest size measurements I ordered this jacket in a size 44 (I told myself if it was a tad small, I'd order a size up for a second jacket) and it arrived after a few days. The service and delivery were extraordinary. Here's a pro tip: loosen the D-rings for extra slack, you'll find the jacket is a perfect fit for you as it is for me.

Charalambos Papoutsis - Toronto, Canada


I have been pining for an Indiana Jones leather jacket since I discovered Wested Leather were the original designers and makers of the iconic jacket first seen in Raiders of the Lost Ark. After much indecision, I finally went with a size 44 after measuring my chest at 43 inches. The jacket fits like a glove, but I have read that leather naturally stretches over time due to wear and use. The pockets, while stated to be small, are quite adequately sized for what they are and feel big enough to fit essential items such as house keys and a small music player such as an iPod Touch. I cannot wait to begin wearing this jacket outdoors. I plan to buy another leather jacket from Wested in the near future, but the Temple of Doom model is indeed beautiful. I recommend this to everyone, not just Indiana Jones enthusiasts.

Craig Burnham - Northampton


After buying the standard stock of the temple of doom jacket and being blown away by the fit and the quality...of the authentic Lambskin . I decided to order a custom one in the distressed Lambskin , standard size just wanted a different leather, something warmer for the winter months. What can I say just OMG. PERFECT... well done Wested quality product. One small bug bear is I didn’t ask for the leather facing on the inside of the jacket, my fault for only just realizing. I would recommend this product and the company , for the considerably low cost for a high quality product

Many thanks

Chris - Montreal, Canada

Quality jacket, excellent value

If anyone ever thought these jackets were more of a costume item than something you can wear everyday, then that couldn't be further from the truth. First of all the lambskin is beautifully soft and smooth which contours and creases really nicely when being worn, and the actual construction of the jacket is first class. I'm not a tailor but we've all had leather jackets of one kind or other and the workmanship on this one is outstanding.

I could not be happier with my choice. I looked at the sizing for all the jackets and the standard size 40 Temple of Doom seemed the closest to my size, and it is spot on, the measurements are exactly what is in the chart. At first I was after a screen accurate leather skin but I now think the regular lamb is actually an extremely attractive colour which I can enjoy beating up myself.

To anyone thinking of buying a jacket, I wouldn't hesitate for a second, it will instantly become one of your favourite pieces of clothing.