The Legacy Raiders Hero Jacket (Custom Made)

Stock Status: In Stock
Stock Status: In Stock
The Legacy Raiders Hero Jacket (Custom Made)
The Legacy Raiders Hero Jacket (Custom Made)
The Legacy Raiders Hero Jacket (Custom Made)
The Legacy Raiders Hero Jacket (Custom Made)
The Legacy Raiders Hero Jacket (Custom Made)


The Legacy Raiders of The Lost Ark Hero Jacket

We are very pleased and excited to release our very Special Custom Made Legacy Raiders Hero Jacket.

This jacket is cut from Our Original Patterns and is made from the soft brown lambskin that we have been working on and is the closest you will get too the original in terms of colour, thickness and most of all the great undertone so once this jacket is distressed it will look just like the original.

This jacket will come as standard in the New Original Brown Lambskin and whilst stocks last it will come with the original Fiocchi Studs and buckles that were used on the originals, they will also come with the 100% ORIGINAL BERMANS & NATHANS LABEL which will make these very special jackets.

But as Wested Leather have been in the Film & TV business for over 40 years we know that our customers do like to have a choice apart from the standard options so we are going to also offer our normal options as well to keep everybody’s options open for there perfect jacket.

Much the same as Indiana Jones travelled the globe in search of The Ark of the Covenant, many a budding adventurer has been tirelessly seeking the most authentic version of the original Raiders of the Lost Ark leather jacket... And here it is again by the Wested Leather.

The Wested Leather HERO Jacket is as close as you can come to the real thing... unless you steal one from the Smithsonian Museum or the Lucasfilm Archive, neither of which we recommend.

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Daniel - U.S

EXTREMELY MOVIE ACCURATE! IN LOOK MOVEMENT AND FIT Completed my search for the original makers of Ind's FIRST JACKET

THANK YOU WESTED! I ordered this jacket in March so I've had it for a month trying to find the time to write a review. First off if you are looking for a movie accurate Raiders jacket in look feel and movement this is it! very movie accurate meaning it feels like it was designed for an actor to perform in, to throw a punch fight scenes stuns and all. fits exactly like it fits Harrison ford in Raiders designed to have that ever so slightly oversized look and drape off your shoulders again like Harrison Fords would fit. I normally wear a size 42 witch was perfect, has this wonderful tailored feel to it, it feels like it lays right in all the right places, and I'm in a wheelchair so when setting down a lot of jackets loose there shapes but this lays on me as if I were standing! so would highly recommend going with the size you normally would wear the leather is very supple soft and very light not very winter friendly but will wear every other season. in a very cool authentic way it feels like it was again designed for filming it make you feel like your Indi but you have to but your own wearing and weathering on it. looks black in color but has a brown underdone that will develop over time to age like Indi's would look. BEAUTIFUL Jacket

Michael Bracken - Feltham

Love this Jacket

So I just got my Wested Leather Legacy Raiders Jacket, it is amazing, such a brilliant colour and leather, it has a really nice look and feel and very comfortable to wear. Wested got the measurements perfect, it will be for everyday use and not cosplay and yeah, just such a brilliant re creation of the Raiders Jacket, amazing stuff yet again by Wested Leather!

Francois Portelance - Les CEDRES, Québec, Canada


I just received my Legacy Raiders jacket and WOW!!!! It is just perfect ! Everything is fit perfect Wested are the best, this is my fifth jacket from Wested and always satisfied, thank you guys and job well done

Terence maxwell - Cambridge

True legacy

This jacket is beautiful. It feels great and looks great. Really happy with it ... amazing 🤩