The Legacy Temple of Doom Jacket


Wested Leather has been working for a very long time trying to source the same original skin to the Raiders of The Lost Ark Jacket that we produced for the original film many years ago.

As many of you know, the original tanneries from that era are now closed and so a historical search was not an option.

We came up against a brick wall until one day, in true Wested style we continued our search through archives of paperwork and boxes until we found a small amount of the Lambskin.

Working closely with some great people on this project we all agreed that it was a perfect representation of what we had been looking for.

We then spent the next few months getting the skin tanned with detail not only to the finish but that all important undertone.​​​​​​​

We are very pleased and excited to release our very Special Custom Made Legacy Collection of the Original Raiders of The Lost Ark Jacket & The Temple of Doom Jacket.

(watch out for the Last Crusade its coming)

The jackets are cut from Our Original Patterns and are made from our new brown lambskin.

The skin is the perfect colour and thickness with that all important warm undertone, perfect for getting that distressed authenticity and as film accurate as the original.

The jackets will come as standard in the New Original Brown Lambskin and will also come with the original Fiocchi Studs and hardware that were used on both the originals and whilst stocks last, they will also come with the 100% ORIGINAL BERMANS & NATHANS LABEL which will make these very special jackets.

But as Wested Leather have been in the Film & TV business for over 40 years we know that our customers do like to have a choice apart from the standard options so we are going to also offer our normal options as well to keep everybody's options open for there perfect jacket.

Much the same as Indiana Jones travelled the globe in search of The Ark of the Covenant, many a budding adventurer has been tirelessly seeking the most authentic version of the original Raiders of the Lost Ark leather jacket... And here it is.

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The Legacy Temple of Doom Jacket
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